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Life isn't easy.  It's ok to ask for a little help on your journey!

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Steps to Get Started with Therapy

Let's face it - life is challenging enough!  Taking the first step to reach out and ask for help can be difficult. When we struggle with anxiety, depression, relational issues and/or self-esteem, it is easy to feel inadequate and wonder if things will ever get better. Do not allow emotional and subconscious barriers to interfere with living a fulfilling life.

It is my strong belief that we are all here for a purpose and I want to help you and others realize and begin to live within that purpose.  My goal is to provide a virtual safe space for you to discuss your concerns in a nonjudgmental and supportive environment. 

When you're ready, I will help you uncover your strengths and use a variety of evidence-based methods to strengthen your commitment for change, identify, challenge and replace unhelpful beliefs, and encourage and empower you so you can begin to heal, be more authentic and find joy living an inspired life.  

For more information, please call (713) 909-0454.